Hey there guys, this is the hub of information for my new campaign: “The Adventurers League”.

Make your character in the character tab, be thorough and consult me for anything that requires rolling, because this is an online game, all rolls for hit die and “off day” action like crafting still have to be done when I’m around, or need to be done by me.

This game follows the tier system as well as some of my own restrictions for class choices. This is my attempt to streamline the party and make it so each of you can contribute and not feel left out during an encounter, if there’s any questions regarding this ask me or consult the wiki, which I should be editing.

Anyway, take a look around as I should be adding new things to this all the time, I’ll try to stay on top of letting you guys know about updates.

Just to clarify, this game is heavily rooted in “kick down the door” style, meaning that role playing will have minimal game time associated with it. That doesn’t mean a lot of social skills are useless, it just means they need to be used differently to be effective. Keep this in mind when designing your character.

Also I’m still narrowing down play days. We are starting out 1 day a week, and if we ever do more is going to be totally dependent on what you guys want to do.

The nature of this universe could theoretically allow more than one adventuring group, so if we realize there is a few people who want to play more, we can create another group in the same universe very easily.

The Adventurers League

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